Dr. Virginia Von Schaefer is one
of the leading integrative oncologists in the nation,
with over 35 years of experience.

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We treat the most complex cases of cancer and chronic illnesses with a unique approach informed by molecular oncological testing.

Traditional treatment of cancer teaches us that a “cure” can be achieved with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy/ immunotherapy, and, in some cases, radiation therapy. Once a diagnosis is made, the patient is evaluated for possible curative surgery. However, if surgery cannot “clear” the primary tumor, “cut to cure” is deemed not an option and the patient is referred for chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy combined to achieve tumor containment and shrinkage.

The problem with this strategy is two-fold:


There is evidence to show that before a tumor mass is even 1 cm. in size, it has already shed millions of circulating tumor cells and stem cells. These cells are not rapidly dividing, and thus chemotherapy will not kill them. These cells are also migratory and can seed other body tissues as well, sometimes distant from the primary tumor. Furthermore, they are relatively immortal and can live in a dormant state for up to 20 years. Hence, CTC and CSC represent the potential for metastatic disease.


Since our bodies are equipped with a complex immune system that is designed to eliminate sick cells (i.e. cancer, bacteria, viruses, parasites, Candida, and fungi), we must conclude that cancer develops because of an underlying set of causes that impairs and weakens the body’s natural mechanism of defense and regulation of cell life and death.
Cancer is an epidemic that threatens the life and vitality of our entire population – young and old. Patients are asking for more solutions than the traditional “triple threat” (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) approach because they are experiencing its failure.

The number one request from cancer patients is “How do I remain cancer free?” In order to address this question, we must distinguish between “tumor free” and “cancer free”, then we must advise treatment strategies that not only halt and eliminate tumor activity, but also address underlying predisposing conditions that weaken the immune system and cause recurrence.

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